ECE Excelsior College Master Booklist and Study Guide Reference
Since the CLEP study guide reference was getting too long, I decided to break up the remaining DSST Dantes, ECE Excelsior College, and TECEP Thomas Edison Exam references onto seperate webpages.
Below you will find the ECE Excelsior College Exam Guides and recommended textbooks.  The textbook, matched up with the content guide, is the most effective way to study for the exams.  Instantcert attempts to do this for you, so you only study what you need to know for the exams.  Every effort was made to find the least amount of references that would still enable you to pass the exams (minimum ACE-recommended score).  The content outline for each of the Excelsior exams is available for download here (note that you may be required to login to get to the download page).

The content guides are highly recommended and should be reviewed before taking the exam.  They are free, and explain exactly the concepts that the test taker should focus on.  Many of them even include free sample questions.

This list is offered strictly on a 'not held' basis.  Read the disclaimer for more information.
ECE - Excelsior College Exams
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Study for the exams:
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