Introduction - initial motivation and primer as well as some author's main viewpoints on earning your degree.

What colleges qualify? - Briefly covers selecting the right college for you in relation to distance learning. Also covers the important subject of accreditation and diploma mills.

6 month baccalaureate roadmap - shows a sample roadmap of how to complete a degree in as little as 6 months. Actual times will vary depending on individual effort, motivation, planning, time, etc...

Proof of test scores - scanned in transcripts of my degree and other documents that help prove that I did what I said I did.

Study Material - overview of instantcert, the primary source of preparation as well as listing of textbooks to help you prepare for the exams. Also will have some additional resources the author has compiled.

[update January 18, 2005]
*New:  Master Booklist and Study Guide Reference - a complete list of all the textbooks and study guides for each of the CLEP, DSST, Excelsior, and TECEP exams.

Final Words - closing remarks and additional author comments on distance learning.

About the Author - More info on who the author is and the purpose of this website. Also contains updates and press releases.

Links - links to related websites and other nice-to-know resources. Also shows how to correctly link back to our site. (coming soon)

Contact Info - frequently asked questions and message board where you can post questions. Donations are also accepted here.
The degree plan has a book-like format.  You may already be familiar with how college works.  But no matter whether you are just beginning or are just 3 credits away from graduation, it is best that you start from the introduction to fully understand this approach.   The roadmap is intended to be simple, quick-loading, and highly organized so that you cut though most of the "fat" and get started right away with your degree.  Contact the author with any discrepancies.
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Study for the exams:
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